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Robin Becker Dance is a dance company founded in 1987 under the artistic direction of Robin Becker. Robin Becker Dance presents performances, workshops, community dialogues, and activities that support the ongoing exploration of the human psyche, soul, and spirit through movement. The organization is led by the belief that who we are and how we think are shaped by how we move. Movement frees personal expression, nourishes creativity, and deepens interconnectedness and community. We are dedicated to creating works that explore the limitless possibilities of movement, artistry, science, and healing through performance, educational workshops and movement retreats.

The Company has an extensive repertory of work inspired by world traditions, Native American culture, and the work of the 13th century mystical poet Jelaluddin Rumi. Robin Becker Dance is internationally renowned for its contemplative and strikingly beautiful movement. In the tradition of those who choreograph from the depths of the unconscious, the choreography speaks with power and immediacy.

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