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Continuum is a unique and innovative field of movement education, based on the understanding that we are fundamentally fluid organisms. All life, including the human body, has been shaped by water. The primary focus of Continuum is to enliven, join with, and augment the creative potential of the fluids that are forming, informing, and moving within us. It offers the opportunity to explore the body as an unfolding process of life.

“It is through the sensations of the body that we are delivered to the experience of life”

Robin Becker


What distinguishes Continuum from other somatic inquiries is its reach into multidimensional realms of thought and experience through the in-depth exploration of the primary movement motifs of our biology. It is a synthesis of a scientific, physical and metaphysical exploration. Ultimately, Continuum is a philosophical inquiry led by a search for meaning about the human condition and mystery.

The following questions are posed not only with the mind but with the body:

What is it to be a human being?
What unites us as a human species that is deeper than culture?
How is humankind connected to the larger universe?

The body becomes the material and ground of exploration through which the questioning, the experimentation and the discovery of meaning take place.

Continuum offers a dynamic and creative approach to self-awareness and healing. It can help access our capacity to move more freely, feel more deeply, and realize broader possibilities for living our lives. Continuum provides the opportunity to expand our experience and understanding of the body as a resource for change; a pulsing dynamic organism, instead of a fixed entity. In Continuum we are able to soften boundaries, and habitual patterns of movement and structure, which often allows new innovations in expression and reveals expansive possibilities of movement, thought and feeling.

A core value of Continuum is relatedness. Continuum facilitates a direct interactive experience of our biological resonance with the larger living universe. The body is primarily a fluid system, and the significant characteristic of a fluid is that it functions in resonance with all other fluid systems. In activating the fluid system of the body we access deep primordial realms of possibility, innovation, and capacity. Continuum cultivates a sense of belonging to and emanating from life’s wellspring. Confidence, presence, peace, and empowerment ensue from that deep knowing.

Continuum recognizes that the body is a living model of a creative biological process. It ignites an enthusiasm of discovery and participation in one’s own life processes. One subsequently approaches movement with a spirit of adventure, creativity, and possibility.

The results of continued practice are: heightened sensory skills, increased awareness of the texture of breath, expanded movement range, augmented dynamic range, adaptability, health, and vitality. Since all life is movement, one’s thoughts, relationships, and so on, begin to shift. Continuum is for anyone interested in the movement of life as it relates to healing, the creative arts, or the enrichment of personal experience.

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(Entire thesis is available upon request)

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